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Welcome to our Online Information Page!

- #this_is_egypt Folklore course on line

- Podcasts

- Online Free lesson Sa3idi short choreo (password in our newsletter)

- Online Free lesson Arabic language (password in our newsletter)

Our latest pop up event  #THIS_IS_EGYPT, was a successful online comprehensive folklore course with the collaboration of Egypt National troupes members. (September 2021) Email us at : if you are interested in its classes recorded material.


Here you will find online extensive courses as well as our mini tutorials, fun tips and tricks, Arabic language classes, and finally our 'This is Egypt - in conversation' podcast.


We are constantly creating pop up events and curating additional material to enrich your dance self-education as well as exclusive content for an inside peek at the modern Egyptian dance scene and contemporary culture.


Our podcast features various educational topics that include Egyptian music, film industry, interviews with experts, and other cultural discussions that tie together dance with the larger art scene.

Our newsletter  is your meeting with Egyptian dance latest trends, events, history & culture fix, dance freebies & offers.

Check out the links to start learning with Farah Nasri Dance Labs today!

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