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Wanting to see more of Egypt? Join us on our next trip 29th Oct to 2nd Nov 2023! 

Limited to 5 people, discover with us : 

Destination Siwa Oasis 29th Oct to 2nd Nov 2023

We will depart from Cairo by private night bus and check into Siwa Shali resort upon arrival. Our licensed tour guide in his 4x4 car will delight us with springs of all sorts within Siwa and the Western desert. From the breathtaking panoramas of Shali or Aghumi villages to the fun of sandboarding and bathing in the salt lakes, the region is full of surprises, culture and history. Cleopatra spring and Alexander oracle are waiting for you! Pictures & videos of our last trip July 2023

This short trip will bring you to the heart of Egypt, of course there will be music & dance but most importantly vacation, discovery, shopping, food & culture ! 

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