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Hello everyone, 

I am so happy with the growing  interest for bellydance and particularly Egyptian Dance.

I offer private lessons in Cairo for individuals or groups (bookings in our partner studio in Dokki


I am currently teaching in Cairo weekly classes *open level at

  • GOODSPACE STUDIOS Arkan - Sheikh Zayed Sundays & Tuesdays 9pm

  • GOODSPACE STUDIOS Tegamo Thursdays 6pm

  • RAMLA STUDIOS Heliopolis Mondays 8pm

  • HERS GYM Zamalek Wednesdays 8pm

My team and I are also delighted to help you organize ANY aspect of your stay in Cairo whether accommodation, visits, activities or workshops with a variety of  professional teachers and in a variety of topics : dance, music, arts, language ...  Whether you are based in Cairo or are simply visiting and Egyptian bellydance is your thing, message me here to arrange classes or workshops. 



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