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Popular arts studies
and a lot of fun!

Dear dancers

If popular arts is a topic of your interest or growing passion, our Dance Labs are the perfect place to expand your knowledge and horizons. 

We believe that a grounded knowledge of history, culture, sociopolitical issues, and modern trends are the basis of building high quality dancers around the globe, and we strive to create a platform that brings those pieces together in an accessible and ethical way.

Our programs are designed to cultivate globally educated, thoughtful artists into well-rounded and grounded performers.

These goals are amplified by research-based, culturally competent instructors and collaborators, and led by acclaimed leaders in education.

Farah Nasri Dance Labs is the place to find the highest quality classes in Egyptian dance, theory, history, language, and culture! We hope you enjoy our programs and cannot wait to share all of our knowledge with you!

Farah & The DanceLabs team

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