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Popular arts studies
and a lot of fun!

Hello and welcome,

Here is a short introduction of myself, Farah, my performing and teaching career in the field of Oriental dances.


From having been scouted by the Nile Maxim company in 2014, I relocated to Cairo where I performed as the contracted artist on a daily basis on all its outlets for 4 years. I have since then been contracted on the Sunset cabaret and also continue to perform at countless events and venues in Egypt.


I am a professional dancer, instructor, choreographer and entrepreneur. My master in education and UK qualified teacher status in dance and languages has given me a strong pedagogical approach to share my passion for Egyptian dance in particular.


I have a solid training in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and of course bellydance & other folkloric dances from the Arab world. I aim to inspire and lift dancers I encounter in different countries through music, culture, movement and emotional aspects during my workshops.


I teach bi - weekly classes here in Cairo mainly to Egyptian women, I coach weekly in person and online professional performers and aspiring dancers.


Each year, I welcome dancers from all over the world in my Cairo based holistic programme Bellydance On Location.


 I have also ventured since 2021 into athleisure bellydance wear and recently launched a professional costuming atelier.

Thank you for following my journey, let's dance!

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