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Popular arts studies
and a lot of fun!
  • #THIS_IS_EGYPT  On line course

  • Your essential crash course on Egyptian folklore 

  • 4h of theory + 18h of dance workshops 

  • ALL the instructors are highly knowledgeable in their fields - professional independent performers, members of the Reda and/or       El Kaomeyya national troupes

  • Recordings of the classes are available simply email us at : 

  • Choose from the list below or purchase the complete course :


  1. Theory with Sheyla 1 - Learn about the basics with this important overview of the Egyptian traditional dances. Understand the differences & similarities between the music, dance steps and traditions of each region.

  2. Mona Farouk - Essential Reda Technique

  3. Marwa - Muwashahat (Reda style)

  4. Omneya - Hagalla (El kaomeyya style)


  1. Theory with Sheyla 2 - This lecture will focus on the port cities, their particularities and mix of influences transpiring in the dance and daily life. 

  2. Amira El Shaphey - Eskanderani folklore (Reda style)

  3. Sherihan - Eskanderani (bellydancer style)

  4. Hosam El Mansy - Bambooti / semsemeya (Reda style)


  1. Theory with Sheyla 3 - In the South of Egypt - known as Upper Egypt we will look at the art form from the ancient times to nowadays. Understand the demographic of the region. And finally draw comparison between tahtib, raqs el assaya, ghawazee & nubian dances.

  2. Badr - Nubian dance (Stage folklore and social dance mix)

  3. Farah Nasri - Sa3idi (for bellydancer performance)

  4. Ahmed Maher - Sa3idi (Stage folklore and tahtib mix)


  1. Theory with Sheyla 4 - This last meeting will highlight the differences in between staged folklore and social dances.      

  2. Tarfh - Fallahi Stage folklore (El kaomeyya style)

  3. Kristina Derkach - Baladi performance structure, technique & choreography

  4. Ibrahim El Suezi - Ghawazee (Stage and social dance mix)


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